STAYC Hits Their Best Sales Record With Third Single Album “WE NEED LOVE”

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STAYC continues to show their growth with their newest single album.

According to the domestic record sales site Hanteo Chart on July 26, STAYC’s third single “WE NEED LOVE” released on July 19 recorded 201,072 initial sales.

This is their second mini album “YOUNG-LUV.COM” released in February. This figure easily surpasses the initial sales of 153,301 sales and is STAYC’s best record to date. STAYC has continued its cascading growth by breaking the initial sales of each album and proved its expanded global status once again through this record.

STAYC showed more mature musical capabilities with solid singing skills like “all main vocals” through “WE NEED LOVE.” The music video for the title song “Beautiful Monster,” which contains StayC’s unique visuals and transformation, has surpassed 30 million views on YouTube and is steadily gaining popularity among K-pop fans.

The title song “BEAUTIFUL MONSTER” is a song that captures the fear behind the happiness in love with the explosive vocals of six members. StayC has been loved for its unique and attractive point choreography with every Comeback.

STAYC continues its “Beautiful MONSTER” activities by presenting various music broadcasts and various content.


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