Fans Deeply Worried About Girls’ Generation Taeyeon After She Posts Concerning Message, What Is She Apologizing For?

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Girls’ Generation Taeyeon recent Instagram update has fans worried!

On January 3, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon posted a black and white photo of herself in a dark room with the caption,

“I am sorry [with two sad emojis]”

After fans saw the post, they were deeply concerned about her wellbeing; this comes after she posted about wanting to focus on self-recovery and treatment three days ago.

She had posted a photo to Instagram with this caption,

“Since looking back on bad memories is difficult and cruel, I am doing my best to recall good memories. But the scars are still there. I can see them, and it’s sad and painful.

Going to focus more on treating those scars in 2020, and I’d like it if I found peace of mind enough to comfort myself. Since I know myself best.

Love lots, everyone. Love whenever you can, whatever it is.”

The post was about saying goodbye to 2019 and welcoming 2020 with a better outlook. Taeyeon had also previously opened up about struggling with depression; she revealed that she’s receiving treatment not too long ago.

Taeyeon has had a difficult 2019, she lost one of her closest hoobaes, Sulli and also lost another good friend, Goo Hara, not too long after losing Sulli.

We hope she okay.

What do you think of her post?

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