Does Taeyeon Want To Leave SM Entertainment? Her Recent Cryptic Post Sparks Discussion

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Singer Taeyeon drew attention by posting this photo on her SNS, is she hinting at the troubles currently in SM?

Taeyeon posted a picture on her Instagram on March 13th without a caption.

The released photo shows weathercaster Park Yeon Jin from “The Glory” resigning from the broadcasting station after her school violence was revealed on the Internet, and Taeyeon drew a line on Park Yeon Jin’s name and wrote her real name Kim Tae Yeon.

In response, Internet users speculated that Taeyeon was referring to the acquisition of SM Entertainment.

On March 12th, a day before Taeyeon posted this post, HYBE announced that it would suspend the acquisition process of SM, ending the SM acquisition battle between HYBE and Kakao that lasted over the past month.

On February 16th, Taeyeon also posted on social media Ryu Seung Bum’s line from the movie “Unfair Trade” said, “Everyone lives really hard.” There was speculation back then that she might referring to the current situation with SM.


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