Due To Army Enlistment, MOMOLAND JooE Had To Dye Her Hair Back To Black

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A couple of days ago MOMOLAND JooE became a hot topic for changing her hair color back to black, she had been sporting a blonde look for a while now. Fans could easily identify her by her signature blond hair.

Fans were wondering why would JooE dish the blond hair for the black hair and it was recently revealed by her company.

Around the same time she changed her hair, it was confirmed she would be joining the reality show “Real Men 300” alongside actor Oh Ji Oh, Lee Jung Hyun, Dara, and afreeca TV BJ Gamst.

MLD Entertainment confirmed in a statement that she dyed her hair black because of that saying,

“It is true that JooE dyed her hair black for ‘Real Men 300.’

Prior to enlistment, she said that she will be trying her best to become a good soldier. She was nervous but showed her interest and dedication in the military life with her signature bubbly energy.”

What did you think of her new look?

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