Netizens Can’t Believe This Is MOMOLAND JooE’s After She Dyed Her Hair Back Black

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MOMOLAND JooE is known for her wit and fun personality, she is also known for her signature blond look.

Fans have gotten used to see JooE with bright colored hair since her group’s popularity skyrocketed back in early 2018 with the hit track “Boom Boom.”

Recently, JooE dyed her hair back black and it looks amazing, she is also unrecognizable. Fans are having a difficult time believing its her.

Netizens discussed her amazing hair color in a community post and talked about how pretty she looks in black. Netizens discussed why she hadn’t done so before because it looks a lot better on her.

Some netizens even referenced an old photo of JooE with black hair and bangs and called it the best look on her. The new black hair is allowing people to focus on her visuals even more.

The black hair highlights her visuals even more according to netizens.

Check out her new black hair look:

Which one do you personally prefer the black or the blonde?

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  1. Wow, makeup/styling is a two “edged” sword. It can detract from your beauty or it can make you look gorgeous. From “eehhhh” to wow or from “nice” to “what happened?”. JooE looked OK before, but her new look is … WOW!!! Black hair (and changed hair style (straight)) really suits her.

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