This Rising Idol Is Under Fire After It Was Revealed He’s Subscribed To Controversial YouTube Channel Sojang, Issues Apology

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DKZ’s Jaechan is under fire after it was accidentally revealed that he was subscribed to the YouTube channel Sojang.

DKZ’s Jaechan has faced criticism for his subscription to the YouTube channel Sojang, which is known for spreading malicious rumors and accusations about idols and celebrities without adequate evidence.

During a live stream on V Live on December 17th, Jaechan’s subscriptions were revealed to include Sojang, and he later addressed this with his fans in an apology statement explaining the situation.

Jaechan apologized for his subscription to Sojang and explained that he was unaware of the subscription because he usually does not hit the subscribe or like button on YouTube when watching videos. He added that he has since organized his subscriptions and will be more cautious in the future.

However, Jaechan’s explanation has been met with skepticism from fans and internet users, who are disappointed that he was subscribed to Sojang, a channel that has frequently spread malicious rumors about his peers.

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