BTS Jin Reportedly Receiving Extra Security On His Enlistment Date Due To Fears Of Overcrowding

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BTS Jin, who is set to enlis tomorrow, is reportedly receiving extra security on his enlistment date.

According to various media outlets reports, military authorities will be taking additional steps to ensure safety during Jin’s enlistment. They will be working with the first and police department as well as regional government offices to increase security and prevent any issues from rising. It is said there will be about 200 other recruits on the day of Jin’s enlistment for that specific location.

The police is also set to be reportedly dispatching 270 riot police to the location along with officers who can interpret different languages. There will also be reportedly around 60 task force officers to prevent selling of illegal goods.

HYBE has issued a statement today asking for the fans and the media to refrain from going to the site. Jin also asked the same from his fans.

Last night, Jin shared a photo of his buzz cut ahead of enlistment.

Jin will enlist on December 13.

Wishing Jin all the best during his upcoming service!

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