ARMY Furious With Local Fans For Their behavior Towards Jin And RM During iHeart Interview

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BTS sat down with iHeart for a special interview that lasted for 35 minutes on May 21st (local time), however, the experience, especially for international ARMY, was unpleasant to say the least. 

During a portion of the interview, the interviewer asked the crowd,  

“which one of the guys is most likely to mess up the dance routines?”

When ARMY started shouting RM and Jin, Jin replied with,

“I am not wrong!”

ARMY found an issue with the way other ARMY who attended the interview reacted, the ARMY in the audience yelled out ‘Jin,’ and ‘RM.’ one particular person loudly yelled out Jin. 

Jin can be seen looking rather uncomfortable. Other members tried to laugh it off but Jin looked visibly upset. Jungkook signed to the audience ‘No,’ while V signed ‘cut’ and said ‘nothing’ as in to tell the audience to politely stop yelling. 

Here is the clip: 

Shortly after the interview aired and the specific clip went viral, ARMY around the world trended #NamjinBestDancers. As of this article published date, its sitting at number two.

ARMY had different reactions to the disrespect by the audience who yelled out answers and were loud during the interview. Some criticized them while other focused on showcasing just how hard RM and Jin work on their choreographies. 

Here are some of ARMY tweets: 

You can watch the whole interview below:

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What do you guys think of this? 

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I was really upset that the crowd continued to yell and be disrespectful while the guys were being interviewed..and yes it was not a concert..I am really embarrassed for them and ARMY for their behavior..I appoligize to Jin and Namjoon and the rest of BTS members ..I love you and appreciate all of your hard work and dedication….and you share so much of your hearts with us all..Thank you!!!!!Be blessed and strengthened……Mae Coker a BTS Mom

  2. I think bts don’t feel upset for just small chitchats.. they love hearing some concerns regarding their performances, their army’s the things they don’t see regularly coz they want to improve create more meaningful songs and perform in so much lil negative feedback is better thn don’t having one

    1. This interview was just a travesty. I’m so upset. I really don’t care for those who want to excuse this with “oh it was just a joke”, “they’re not offended I’m sure, they’re professionals”, or “they know it’s true. It’s fine”. How these fans acted was extremely disrespectful. There is absolutely no excuse to treat celebrities you so-call “love” like this. Whether it was intended or not, this was hurtful and they did not deserve this.

  3. I think everyone is doing something wrong but it’s not necessarily that they will always go wrong and I do not think they have ever damaged their dance

    1. I absolutely agree with Mae Coker
      This is not the place to be so outspoken to the members. It’s a professional interview and calls for more respectful reactions. It’s a place to promote them more and show our appreciation for BTS’s hard work, not joke about outdated memes. Namjoon and Jin honestly do have amazing dance skills. Each member works very hard in BTS. This is why they’re so loved. Please remember to acknowledge they’re amazing achievements.

  4. ARMY screamed and chanted at the movies when BTS Love Yourself was being shown. So why is it surprising that these fools were doing the same things here. I’m in this fandom and they annoy me so much cause they think they are entitled for everything now. Have some respect and the maybe others will show you the respect back. Like come on. I didn’t even know this was a thing and I wish I was there. You got super lucky to be there and this is how you act? Disgusting.


  6. Lmfao this is america if yall cant take jokes here and think they are getting attacked then leave simple as that. Simple no one wants to have downers everyone just having fun. This is america this is how we treate our artist say funny shit laugh along. Simple if you want america to treat BTS like family then i suggest you get used to our ways just like we get used to your ways its that simple.

    1. You excuse bad behavior by saying “this is America” and “this is how we treat our artist” when in reality it’s only a minority of people with terrible manners and loud opinions that act that way. Yes, this is America, but apparently MY America is vastly different than YOUR America. We may live in the same country but don’t you dare paint me with the same dirty brush you use on yourself. You must be very young if you haven’t learned that there’s a time and place for jokes, and that interview wasn’t it. And if you’re going to joke at least go with one that’s not a tired, overused meme that literally no one finds funny anymore.

    2. You really think that saying something like “this is america,” is going to change the fact that these ARMY’s were disrespectful as hell? Well guess what, people like you are the kinds of people that make the rest of the world hate america so much. I know there are still some good people in america, I have good friends living over there. So don’t you DARE try and drag them down with people like you who obviously were never taught respect in their household. And before you ask, yeah, I am a kid. I’m 13. But does that really matter, when this mere thirteen year old can tell the difference between right and wrong and you can’t? Honestly, if this really IS the way all Americans act, then oh has america fallen..

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