Why BLACKPINK Jisoo Thinks She’s Strong + Her Thoughts On Being Labeled A Role Model

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BLACKPINK Jisoo is the cover model of Elle Korea magazine December issue!

Along with the pictorial, BLACKPINK Jisoo sat down for an interview with the magazine to discuss her own life experience and advice she has for young aspiring talents.

It is a rare look at the beautiful mind of BLACKPINK Jisoo. Let’s see what she had to say about strength, dealing with problems and how she feels about being labeled and role model.

She talked about why she thinks she’s a strong woman,

“When I look back at the time that has passed, it made me think, ‘I am actually quite a strong person.’ Even when I went through difficult times, I never really thought about relying on others. I tried to solve my problems myself as much as possible.

I think I was able to become this strong because of the tough times I had to endure alone. Even now, I don’t really like talking about my struggles. When others think of me, I want them to always be smiling.”

When asked to share advice to the many young girls who look up to and love BLACKPINK, she had this beautiful thing to say:

“I want to tell you to use yourself as a role model for the future. Rather than chasing after someone else, I hope they walk their own path without hesitation looking towards the tomorrow of their dreams.”

She explained why she said that,

“I tried to follow the people around me, and I’ve gotten lost while wandering from place to place. I ended up feeling empty rather than feeling a sense of accomplishment. I want everyone to create their own role models in themselves.”

What do you think of what she said? Do you agree with her?

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My Personal Thoughts

I am not a blink but I personally find myself gravitating towards Jisoo and Lisa. Jisoo strikes me as a smart confident person unlike her innocent-like appearance. This interview is very interesting hence why I decided to talk about it.

I understand what she said about being strong, but I find myself worried about her mental wellbeing for saying she’d rather people remember her smiling.

I think it’s important to learn to solve your own problems but it’s also ok to share your concerns with those around you, if you try to always leave happy memories about yourself in others you’ll end up with a miserable life. Its okay to vent to your close ones every once and a while, it helps a lot, trust me, sometimes, all you need is an ear to listen to your concerns.

I hope she doesn’t take it a bit too seriously especially with her lifestyle, its ok to rely on those who love you every once and a while. She is still young and has a long way to go but her way of thinking is a bit too mature for her age in my opinion. It’s sad because I think many other Kpop idols have a similar mindset, they’re forced to mature this quickly to keep up with the industry.

I personally really liked her answer to the role model question. I also agree that we shouldn’t idolize anyone too much and follow their footsteps to tea, everyone makes mistakes and we’re all human, setting an idol as your ultimate role model might motivate you but you’re also going to try and walk the same path of a person who had a different upbringing/goals/circumstances, I’d rather young girls look up to others but set goals at their own pace instead of chasing after this or that, that’s a way better lifestyle.

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