Woman In Her 70s Who Drowned From A Flood Tide While Picking Up Clams Identified As This Famous Comedian’s Mother

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An unfortunate incident that happened recently has shocked netizens.

On May 3, Buan County police received a report that three individuals were stranded due to a flood tide while out picking clams on a mudflat. Two of the three individuals mentioned were later able to climb on boulders and wait for help to arrive. Unfortunately, a woman in her 70s was found drifting in the tide. When help found her, she was transported to the hospital but ultimately passed away. The police is currently investigating the details of the accident.

At the time the incident was reported, the identity of the woman was unknown but it was later revealed that she was the mother of a famous Korean comedian.

Later, a representative from Buan Coast Guard stated that a woman in her 70s was comedian Kim Byung Man’s mother.

A source from Kim Byung Man’s agency SM C&C confirmed to news outlets that his mother has passed away, they also stated that he was in deep sadness over the sudden news. The funeral will be held quietly in Iksan city in North Jeolla Province.

We send our deepest condolences to Kim Byung Man and his family.

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