How JYP Restricted Sunmi’s Style And Facial Expressions During Her Time Under The Agency

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Sunmi had a lot to say about her time in JYP!

Sunmi has recently made a comeback and she’s been doing variety show appearances to promote her latest release, during an appearance on “Radio Star,” Sunmi talked about the restrictions she faced under JYP Entertainment.

She explained that Park Jin Young tightly managed how she was supposed to perform on stage during her time with the agency. She explained that his instructions developed her breathing pattern.

JYP artists are known for singing with the classic “half air, half sound method.” Its Park Jin Young signature singing style and something that he had also taught his artists.

Sunmi explained that this style of singing had issues because it was pushed for every song which meant that she couldn’t experiment the way she wanted with her vocals.

Sunmi also revealed that during the performance for her song “24 Hours,” she was told by JYP she wasn’t allowed to make any facial expressions, they told her to look pale and not wear makeup or eyelashes which wasn’t ideal for her.

“After leaving JYP Entertainment I could direct and decide everything for myself. So I tried having 20% of voice and 80% of air with my voice. I could try many things.

As for Producer Park Jin Young, he told me not to make any kinds of facial expression on stage … After leaving his label; I could perform however I wanted including facial expressions.

But in hindsight I think that was the answer.”

The hosts also highlighted how many former JYP artists lately understood his instructions but would never want to work with Park Jin Young ever again.

Check out the translated clip where she talks about this below:

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What do you think of what she said?

My Personal Thoughts

You might think this is just another day of artists talking about their experiences with JYP, but to me, this is good information about how industry works on the inside and if you pay close attention to what they say, they mean every single word.

I can finally understand why many idols leave JYP after the first term of their contract expires. Anyone who stays basically does the same thing over and over again and they usually don’t grow bigger, JYP artists’ popularity starts well, then progresses before it starts to continuously declines and never picks up or easily maintain its position.

Sunmi wouldn’t have become so big if she stayed under JYP and that’s a fact. We didn’t know she had this side to herself until she left JYP and was able to experiment and find a middle ground she was comfortable with.

I am not gonna lie, I like JYP’s singing style but it can become very boring very fast especially if you follow closely and you understand a bit about music. Once you notice certain things agencies teach their idols, their methods will become repetitive to you. Luckily for them, most fans don’t notice.

JYP just like any other agency has it flaws. JYP needs to give their artists more creative freedom and manage them better.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to explain to your idols why you make them do things a certain way, it doesn’t mean you have to repeat over and over again but explain briefly why you want them to act a certain way so they understand a bit about your perspective. Some of you might think this is irrelevant but believe me; it goes along way with these artists.

For Sunmi’s song “24 Hours” I can totally understand why she was told not to make facial expressions, it goes with the mood of the song and the overall feel. It was a good call by JYP.

Park Jin Young should take note about how his former artists talk about him, although I highly doubt he would ever consider that. If he stepped down from his high horse every once and a while, he’ll be able to learn a lot more about managing his artists better and learning how to keep any talented artist after the first 7 years are up.

There is always room for improvement for those who don’t mind continuously learning. However, given the culture and the way these agencies operate, I highly doubt they’ll learn, this is why with the expansion of Kpop you’re starting to see emerging artists from unknown agencies doing just as well or better than the big 3.

The big 3 wrong methods that they repeated for their artists are finally catching up to them. Pay closer attention and you’ll understand what I mean.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. this… is actually really eye opening. i think that fans can only see the surface of most situations, like how beautiful they are, which is really superficial. kpop, as a genre, should give artists the ability to creatively and openly make their own albums.

  2. Went to my 1st Kpop concert because my daughter wanted to see Twice, I found it to be very scripted. The audience was fantastic and entertaining. I wanted to see this from the group but it had more of a Disney feel. I thought maybe the male groups have more freedom to express themselves. Twice did have an exciting section where they danced individually or paired to songs they picked.
    A concert needs some unpredictability, it’s part of the experience. Overall, Twice performed perfectly, they never went off script.

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