How Mnet Poor Handling Of Its Controversy Contributed To The Severe Hate X1 And IZ*ONE Suffer From

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Netizens are not pleased with the way Mnet has been handling the vote-rigging controversy and for good reasons.

As each day went by for the past couple of weeks, the controversy surrounding Mnet Produce series grew so big and got out of control, they were heavily criticized for deceiving the nation into believing they contributed into picking the finalists to debut in each season when in reality each season was either entirely or partially manipulated.

The PD of the show is currently sitting in jail awaiting trial and one of the most recent developments was reported by Korean news outlets, the PD also partially admitting to rigging Produce season 1 and 2.

X1 was supposed to attend an award show On November 16 and their appearance, despite being initially confirmed, was canceled less than 24 hours ahead of the show. IZ*ONE comeback was also indefinitely delayed; it’s unknown if and when the groups will be able to get back on their feet and promote again.

As of this writing, neither X1 nor IZ*ONE have any ongoing activities. They’re basically on hiatus as the issue unfolds.

The public is furious and for good reasons, no one likes to give money, attention and time into something that was pre-determined, finding out you’ve been scammed for four seasons is enough to trigger an aggressive response.

Netizens and fans all around the world are also furious with Mnet for their poor handling of this controversy. Netizens continue to demand the true lineup of each season to be revealed and for the agencies who participated in the rigging to also be revealed. If Mnet caves into their demands this would literally mean they have to give up on both groups, when the official real lineup is revealed, the members who got in through rigging will be crucified.

Previously, various industry insiders reported that Mnet won’t easily give up on both groups, the reason behind that is obvious, money.

I.O.I and Wanna One made so much money throughout the span of their short careers. Mnet is not easily budging because they don’t want to give up on the cash, to them, it’s a loss if the groups were to disband, which explains their lack of reaction to the news besides apologizing as each new details gets revealed.

Mnet hasn’t given any clear answer or retribution to the mess created by their shows that ultimately affected many young hard-working idols who had no power to determine or even control their future.

Despite being one of the biggest companies in the entertainment business, Mnet continues to hide behind their recently formed groups, while they get buried with awful defamatory hate comments, no one is taking an action to stop the hate train against those groups and the uncertainty is certainly not helping X1 and IZ*ONE.

Many netizens sympathize with X1 and IZ*ONE, many of the members are still kids yet they’re suffering greatly because of their agencies actions and Mnet reaction to the news.

Mnet recently stated that they would be releasing an official statement to address how to compensate the parties who received damage due to the controversy, the idols agencies also stated not too long ago that they would be releasing statements in response to the revelations over the past couple of weeks. Neither party has yet released any statements that discuss how they plan on handling the situation besides canceling X1 and IZ*ONE appearances everywhere.

Due to the lack of action from every responsible figure, many netizens think disbandment is a good idea, not out of malice intent, but because it will protect the boys and the girls from further hate as more details get revealed, netizens argue the kids can still make a fresh start, their reputation is already tarnished and they’re being referred to as the rigged groups, the tag will follow them for as long as they continue to promote, this would obviously take a toll on the kids mental and physical health.

On the other hand, there are many fans and netizens who are against disbandment. Every solution to the rigging controversy has serious flaws; no solution is good enough to ease the hate they continue to receive or offer a resolution to those affected by the controversy, those who also deserved a fair chance.

In an industry that poorly deals with its artists’ mental health, this isn’t helping. Fans are worried about X1 and IZ*ONE who continue to receive hate comments as we speak.

How do you think Mnet should be handling the situation? What do you would be the best solution to predicament?

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