“Crazy Love” Episode 1 And 2 Review- An Oddly Disappointing Premiere

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KBS newest drama “Crazy Love” is here at last, here is a review of the premiere episodes.

When I found out that “Crazy Love” was getting made and is led by some of my favorite actors, I was ecstatic. I missed Kim Jae Wook terribly as he’s been out of the limelight for a while now, so anything with him was a good idea.

Note: this article is a first-impression review, it doesn’t mean this is the writer’s final thoughts on the drama. This is a spoiler review.

The summary of the drama worried me at the time but I trusted that Jae Wook picked a good project because he’s been away for a while and I assumed he would pick a great project. I am worried now.

I would say “Crazy Love” premiere disappointed me for the most part, especially the first episode, it left a bad taste in my mouth, just a general feeling of no fulfillment whatsoever when I saw it, I expected to feel happier watching this drama but I didn’t and I am sad because of that, I am sad because I had higher expectations.

Of course, this doesn’t mean “Crazy Love” is disappointing/bad overall, this is only the premiere episodes and it usually gets better in many cases for kdramas as it takes some time for them to find their footing but so far, I am unimpressed.

The drama is written by a screenwriter who has no other credits to their name which is already a concerning sign. The drama has a bit of an older feel type of kdrama, the structure of the first episodes was odd, but not in a good way. It almost takes the entire ‘dying’ part not seriously which sort of… is… a very odd way of going about it.

The scene where Shin Ah finds out she’s dying is so weird, the way it plays out makes me feel that it is not serious at all. Its a very real scary situation but its almost instantly made light by the editing and the writing that follows, very odd.

The drama is supposed to be a rom-com, but its about a woman who finds out she will die soon and a man who is being stalked, sent death threats and was almost murdered, not particularly the subjects that should be put under the ‘rom-com’ category, but sometimes, we can find humor in the darkest misfortunes, I wonder how the screenwriter plans to make this a comedy.

First, “Crazy Love” premiere was not funny, and at times, infuriating, mainly because Shin Ah gets humiliated and yelled at whenever there is a chance, so you end up feeling sorry for her and annoyed by Go Jin. In regards to the romance part, it’ll take a while for us to get there because Shin Ah hates his guts while he doesn’t recall who she is, I am not too hung up on this part because its only the premiere.

Second, the plot fails to make sense. I know we’re supposed to suspend our disbelief watching this drama but even that has its limits. The drama not only tests us in that regard but almost feels like they’re expecting us to be dumb enough to buy into the premise.

What do I mean by that?

Shin A is going to pretend to be Go Jin’s fiance which is already a pretty weird turn of events, she could have easily proven her innocence and it would have taken her like 30 minutes to do that. Her lawyer friend just barges in with zero one-on-one consultation unaware of the gravity of the situation.

The police are dumb enough not to check that the car has no blood on it considering how the original car hit and slammed his body onto the ground. Added to that, her location on her phone should have been good evidence of why she couldn’t have killed him. You’d think she’d run those scenarios in her head before she says she’s his fiance but the screenwriter thinks the situation she’s placed in calls for that. Also, when you’re falsely accused of attempted murder, the first solution wouldn’t be to pretend to be somebody’s fiance especially considering the fact that everyone knows he’s a terrible human being who didn’t like you and humiliated you on multiple occasions. I wonder how next week will turn out to be, would people be fooled?

What I thought was going to happen was the following:

I expected her to be cleared from the allegations, then she is by his bed side when he wakes up, he confuses her for his fiance because of the dress. I thought this was going to be the screenwriter’s approach, I was wrong.

Also, the part about how the doctors screwed up his anesthesia really bugged me, the doctor discussed it as if it was a minor situation but I know people committed suicides due to the very same reasons mentioned in this drama.

People being conscious while getting operated on because the anesthesia didn’t work… thats so messed up, so the doctor’s demeanor talking about it is so odd. He also fails to alert her until he woke up even though the dude literally was conscious when they were operating on him, which means he felt it, can you guys understand how f-ed up this is? Like… what?

I am going to assume the screenwriter did their research on this point but if there is any doctor reading this article, please let me know if this is medically correct.

“Crazy Love” also goes on tangents that don’t feel necessary already, there are some filler scenes that fail to capture attention, I’d assume you’d want to get the most attention in the first episode so I am surprised by this writing approach.

The drama also has 16 episodes and with the initial premise in mind, I know it doesn’t need to be this long. So I am also curious to see if the screenwriter has something else in mind.

While I am disappointed by the premiere episodes of “Crazy Love,” I remain hopeful that next week’s episodes will change my mind.

So these are my thoughts on Crazy Love, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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  1. We have the same thought. It’s weird, it’s not realistic- having diagnosed with terminally disease, she should be focusing on her treatment free herself from any stress rather than what’s she’s done on both episodes.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Since I miss Kim Jae Wook. I am also excited to see him. Since I’ve watched last 2019 his k-drama “Her Private Life” and it was really great drama. I am also sad with the 2 episodes because it looks like chaotic drama. I can’t find the room-com effect at all. Hahai

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