“Show Window: Queen’s House” Finale: Recap And Ending Explained

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Channel A’s hit drama “Show Window: Queen’s House” has come to an end last night, here is a recap of the highlighted moments and its ending explained.

Show Window: Queen’s House” ending shocked a lot of fans and many have criticized the ending for being such a letdown. Read the “Show Window: Queen’s House” finale recap below to find out why!

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Did Shin Myung-Seob manage to kill Yoon Mi-Ra? Who saves her?

No. He does attempt to stage her death as a suicide, but luckily for her, Han Jung-Won interferes and manages to save her life before she passes away.

Does Shin Myung-Seob die? Who killed him?

Yes. Shin Myung-Seob dies.

Shin Myung-Seob puts a hit on Han Jung-Won, but the wife found out about his plans and tells the men who were hired to kill him to work for her, she triples what he’s paying them and tells them not to trust him since they know too much about him and he’ll eventually get rid of them.

Thus, they stage a kidnapping gone wrong and when he arrives there, he finds his wife. Han Sun-Joo then transfers him to their house and he’s surprised with Yoon Mi-Ra who is still alive.

Yoon Mi-Ra ends up asking his wife to leave as she wants to be the one who kills him, she kills him with a knife. So she does, but they stage it as in the husband trying to protect his wife when he is accidentally stabbed by Yoon Mi-Ra and dies. Thus, her level of punishment is lowered.

Who is charged for the murder of Shin Myung-Seob?

Yoon Mi-Ra is charged for the ‘accidental’ murder of Shin Myung-Seob. But the police had a hard time placing the details of what led up to the murder and had their doubts, but ended up wrapping up the case as is.

Did Yoon Mi-Ra commit suicide?

While serving her prison sentence, one day, Yoon Mi-Ra attempts suicide unsuccessfully. She’s later visited by Han Sun-Joo and they talk it out. She tells her to live her life and repent for her wrongdoings and that she shouldn’t kill herself.

What happens to Han Jung-Won?

He becomes the president of the company and works hard to lead it well. He is doing alright.

What happens to Han Sun-Joo? Does she move on from the trauma?

Han Sun-Joo struggles a lot after the murder of her husband, one day, she wreaks havoc on their rooms and breaks glass. Eventually, she lets go, she decides to move on with her life after one day having a breakdown because of the pain.

What happens to Han Jung-Won and Shin Myung-Seob’s children?

They’re doing well. They study in Italy and their mother checks up on them every once and a while.

Does Yoon Mi-Ra get released from jail?

Yes, after serving her prison sentence of four years, she’s released. She seems to be doing much better and is back to living a normal life volunteering at a shelter for single mothers.

She accidentally runs into Han Sun-Joo at the market. They both talk again about the trauma and Yoon Mi-Ra properly apologizes to her.

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  1. That specific drama was horrible from beginning to end, the Director, the writer this drama had a great cast but the plot and the delivery oh lord so happy is done and we all can move on. I have watch enough Korea drama to be able to distinguish good from awful, and here was the example of awful they need to make dramas that make sense at least. It was more like a maze with no exit so happy is Finnish

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