“Moon In The Day” Ending Explained- Did Do Ha And Young-Hwa End Up Together?

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Moon In The Day” ended its run a couple of hours ago, let us take a look at the finale and explain the ending!

“Moon In The Day” episode 14 recap

Do Ha watches Young-Hwa wake up and wishes her a happy 30th birthday, he wanted to be the 1st to do so. They share kisses. At the market, they’re walking together and Young-Hwa mentions how she’d be happy if this moment lasted forever. Do Ha gets serious and then asks her to think of herself and protecting herself if anything bad ever happens. She promises him that.

Do Ha can feel Seok Chul-Hwan is watching.

At night, he, Young-Hwa, Yoon-Je and Na-Yeon get together to hold a birthday party for her. Do Ha warns Yoon-Je to leave immediately in the car if anything bad ever happens.

At the party, Young-Hwa blows away the candles wishing it would always be like that. Then the lights are cut. Seok Chul-Hwan shows up with an ax to kill her.

He gets into altercation with Do Ha who tries to defend her, he screams at her to run away. Yoon-Je interferes and is badly injured in the process. He then gets carried by Na-Yeon and Young-Hwa who escape the premise. However, as they reach the car, they discover the key is missing.

Young-Hwa goes back to get it. Do Ha had been beaten up badly, he delivers a blow to Seok Chul-Hwan but he’s relentless. As he sees her, he runs after her.

He chases her into the woods. As he’s about to kill her, Do Ha shows up and stops his attack getting attacked instead. She then finds out he needs to protect her, and in order to do that, they must part ways.

She’s crying and in terrible condition. She finds out that if he kills Seok Chul-Hwan, he has no reason to exit, thus, he’d disappear. He tells her she’ll be fine, but she insists, suddenly as he’s speaking to her, Seok Chul-Hwan tries to do something so he pushes him to a tree that has a branch that is sticking out, it kills him. before he dies he says the reason she keeps getting reincarnated is because his revenge isn’t over.

After Seok Chul-Hwan disappears, Do Ha collapses, he dies in her arms as she’s crying and he recalls all their times together throughout the years.

In his imagination, he’s sitting on her lap, it’s a sunny beautiful day, he says the moon isn’t visible because of the sun, but it still exists. An allegory for how even if he’s not there, he’s by her side.

When she wakes up, she’s told he’s dead. She rushes to his funeral to see his wake. A while later, she’s told his body disappeared again. He woke up but its Joon Oh now. She rushes to see him and cries hugging him, he asks who is she? She says she’s glad, glad he’s alive and back.

Joon Oh then takes a year off focusing on his cancer, he recovers from it. After a year passes, he hold a conference, suddenly, he speaks in an older tone similar to how Do Ha used to speak, he catches himself doing it and is surprised.

He asks his brother about a Young-Hwa saying her name kept popping up in his brain. He asks his brother to tell him who she is, he says maybe if he’s forgotten it, he was never meant to remember it.

Young-Hwa is doing fine, a bit too fine in her friend’s opinion. She’s living her life well.

One day as Joon Oh is practicing for his historical drama, he stumbles upon a box with photos of him and her. He asks his brother again, he says she was a bodyguard and saved his life, he owes it to her. He asks to meet her once.

They meet up and he asks if there had been something between them, she says she was only a fan and nothing happened. He says her name kept popping up in his mind and he wanted to meet her. He asks if she’s truly the one who saved his life and let him be there, she says if its true what would he do, he says he’d be thankful but move on as there is no reason to dwell on the past. He’ll work hard and asks her to watch over him, she’s near crying, he then gives her a letter. He says its not from him, they part ways.

Later, she reads the letter from Do Ha who is saying goodbye to her again, she cries reading it. He says over and over, he loves her.

At her 31st birthday party, her friends gathered, they had fun and celebrated, and she lives now a normal life. She lights a lantern and writes that she hopes to meet him again.

Later, she leaves to Antarctica. He visits her in her dreams, this time, she changes the outcome, she doesn’t kill him 1500 years ago, she regretted this for so long. As they hug, arrows rain down and kill them both.

In another life

A young woman who looks like Young Hwa is at a temple, a lot of students came in. she’s taking photos and as she sees the moon, she wants to snap a photo of it, she’s about to fall, and a man who looks like Do Ha catches her. They look at the moon together. they reunited in another life.

The end.

“Moon In The Day” ending explained- FAQ

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