Nam Joo Hyuk Calls “Bride Of The Water God” His Turning Point

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Nam Joo Hyuk Says There Are Things He Wish He Could’ve Done Better in “Bride of the Water God”

“Bride of the Water God” has aired its final episode on Tuesday 22 August, after it ended all the main actors sat down for an interview to discuss their thoughts on the drama.

The actor talked about how much fun he had while filming, he said,

“I was really happy for 6 months of filming we had. Although, there are parts I wish I could’ve done better, but since its all over now I feel relieved and sad at the same time. I am grateful for the crew and the cast who led the way with me.”

He was asked about what the drama meant to him, he said,

“I think its an important turning point for me personally. I learn something new with every production I take on. I felt like I had learned a lot with this project. I felt a sense of responsibility rather than a sense of burden. I want to show a more mature side of myself.”

He was asked about his favorite line from the drama, he picked, “Believing what you want to believe is your truth. Because that’s easier and less tiring.”. he added,

“The romantic lines were nice, but the lines Habaek said towards the human left a deep impression on me, this helped me realize a lot of things as well.”

He was also asked about how he portrayed the character and if he had trouble doing it, he answered,

“Habaek is God and in the beginning of the drama he goes through a lot of ridiculous things happen to him, so I was wondering how to portray his character without losing his godly image. I thought I could feel the unfamiliar words and actions, I thought it was a charm of his character. I tried to show a new image in addition to the image I had shown in the past.”

He left with a thank you note to the fans who tuned to see, he said,

“I was able to finish the filming with a lot of fun and thank you for all those who believed in me. I made a lot of good memories with the cast. I hope this drama becomes a memorable work for those who have seen it.”

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