Na In Woo Is An Unlucky Man Whose Life Is Turned Upside Down In Upcoming Fantasy Rom-Com Drama

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KBS2 has shared new stills featuring Na In Woo for their upcoming drama “Jinxed at First”!

“Jinxed at First” tells the story of the cruel fated romance drama about a man who considers his unhappy life as his destiny and the one goddess who jumps out of her world in order to reverse that curse. The drama is based on the popular webtoon of the same name

Seohyun will play the role of Seul Bi, she has the mysterious ability to see the future of whoever she touches. She grew up locked in a secret room and one day escapes it and meets Gong Soo Kwang. Due to their encounter, she begins to develop dreams about the outside world.

Na In Woo is taking on the role of Gong Soo Kwang, a salesman at the fish market, who is under a special jinx. He lost everything after meeting Seul Bi seven years ago. His life drastically changes.

In particular, viewers are looking forward to Na In Woo’s transformation to Gong Soo Kwang, a fish seller who is known for his bad luck. He is a handsome man who has a good personality and a sense of justice, he used to have a promising future but all of that is drastically changed one day.

In the newly released stills, Gong Soo Kwang’s eyes are filled with sadness and he is wearing a tired expression, he is depressed as a result of the hard and unlucky life he is living. This raises curiosity about this jinxed character and how Na In Woo will portray him in the drama.

“Jinxed at First” is set to premiere on June 15.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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