Lee Jae Wook Explains Why It was Hard Filming For Season 2 Of “Alchemy Of Souls,” Friends Rowoon And Ahn Hyo Seop And More

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Actor Lee Jae Wook recently had a photo shoot and interview with First Look magazine where he shared about the early filming of his upcoming drama “Alchemy Of Souls” season 2, why Rowoon and Ahn Hyo Seop are influential personalities in his life, and more

In the pictorial, Lee Jae Wook caught everyone’s attention by wearing a black suit and giving off a faint look that would shake any women’s heart. In addition, he wore a variety of outfits, including a bar city jacket, a long coat, and a beanie, giving off an intense aura.

In a subsequent interview followed after the photo shoot, telling about the early filming of “Alchemy Of Souls: Light and Shadow.” which is gearing up for its premiere in December, Lee Jae Wook said,

The reorganization time was just a week after the wrap-up of ‘Alchemy Of Souls.’ The week went by so quickly while I was finishing my schedule. As a result, I couldn’t afford to accept Jang Uk three years later (a time interval of 3 years later in season 2). Because of that, the shooting was slow in the beginning. The process of accurately identifying and expressing my character was a little difficult.”

When asked about him, who has been in his fourth year since his acting debut, he said,

Jang Wook in ‘Alchemy Of Souls: Light and Shadow’ seemed very similar to me. There is a scene in the drama where Jang Uk drinks alone, and I sometimes need alcohol like that too. When I have things to sort out. Also, I think since I’m growing every day through this, I get to have time to look back on what kind of person I am. After looking at these things, I feel that Jang Uk and I have a lot of similarities.”

Finally, when asked if there is anyone who influenced him like the character Mu Deok has influenced Jang Uk in his life, he sweetly shared,

Rowoon, whom I met through the drama ‘Extraordinary You,’ is that kind of influential existence for me. We have similar concerns, so there are a lot of things to take from our conversations. He’s a friend who makes me feel thankful every day even if I meet him frequently. There is also Ahn Hyo Seop among the friends I have met, and the three of us meet for a drink and talk a lot about this and that.”

Doesn’t he look charismatic in this photoshoot?

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