Ku Hye Sun Posts Screenshots Of Her Conversation With Ahn Jae Hyun Discussing Divorce

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Less than an hour ago, Ku Hye Sun dropped a bombshell, she revealed that Ahn Jae Hyun wants a divorce while she wants to stay married, she also asked fans not to believe the news reports that will be published next week since they’re untrue, please read it here.

After dropping that news on her fans, she returned with an even more serious post, what appears to be screenshots of conversations between her and Ahn Jae Hyun, and they don’t make him look good.

In the text messages, you notice that Ku Hye Sun is speaking informally to him while he’s speaking formally to her.

In the first screenshot, here is the translation:

AJH: I already told “New Journey to the West” staff the day before yesterday that the news will be released and the press statement that you gave me three days ago next week; I am currently discussing it with “New Journey to the West” staff.

KHS: Not next week, it’ll depend on my mom’s condition. To me, “New Journey to the West” isn’t more important than how my mom’s doing.

AJH: we’ve already agreed and all that is left is the paperwork. I think it’ll be meaningless to meet. Let’s move ahead as scheduled, and I’ll meet your mother.

I’ve also called her by phone.

KHS:  I heard that you made plans to meet. Contact me when you meet.

Just like you convinced her to marry me, take responsibility and convince her about our divorce. Paperwork isn’t hard.

The next screenshot (some lines seem to be cut out of the frame):

AJH: ….and I don’t think it’ll be easy to sort out. I think it’ll be too much on your mother and I’m also overwhelmed. Let’s proceed according to plan, and I’ll meet her [another time].

KHS: Is work more important than my mom? What kind of talk is this?

AJH: I will speak to her by phone and I don’t know what to say in person.

KHS: but you should take responsibility… if you act like that, I am not going to stand still.

Meet her in person and apologize…. for the fact that you didn’t honor your vows when we got married.

Why is work more important.. if you say work is more important than my mom, then I really won’t hold back.


Stay tuned for updates!

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By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. This is just sas after song song couplw divorced now this, ? Guess fairytale happy ending in korea is just at beginning. I know there are personal reasons and we have no right to say anything but this is just sad they are inspiration by many. Sad

  2. I still remember Ahn Jae Hyun saying “I really like this girl”, that’s why he proposed right away. Do, what happened, why divorce?

  3. Noooo stay strong love is all about sacrifices that they keep each other why they need devorce is it they didnt love each other how sad

  4. Please Book!! I barely finished blood!! Please don’t seperate!! I thought both of you are going to be together for the rest of your lives!!
    How could you do this to me Ahn Jae Hyun your one of my favorite actors!! I am very disappointed in you!!

  5. I understand your frustration people, but unfortunately in this Business is common and cliché for two co- stars to fall in love on set and get married very quickly. But is also more common for them to divorce soon after. Marriage between two actors never ends well. As a matter of fact they become worse enemies and hate takes place. She’s wrong when she said till death us apart. Nothing last forever, neither marriage. He hasn’t desonhored her, or her family. He just fell out of love for her. This is only on paper and they are just words. They got married to quickly and they’ll not last long. I did say that on their wedding video on YouTube, and I wasn’t wrong. They have a child together. I am sure he will be a good father to him. So now let’s move on for the best of every one involved. He made a mistake. He realised it few years after. He still young and he has a life ahead of him. So let him be and let’s not judge him or throw mud on him, cause I am sure he has his personal reasons for wanting to divorce her. Let’s respect that most of all. Thank you

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