Kim Min Gyu And Go Bo Gyeol’s Upcoming Drama Releases First Script Reading Photos + Confirms Premiere Date

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“Holy Idol” has revealed its first script reading pictures.

tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Holy Idol”, directed by Park So Yeon, and written by Lee Cheon Geum, is a drama adaptation about the world’s greatest divine power, Lembrary, who gets into an unknown idol’s body in the disorganized entertainment industry in Korea one day. The drama is based on the Web novel and Webtoon of the same name.

The script reading for tvN’s “Holy Idol” was attended by Park So Yeon, Lee Cheon Geum, Kim Min Gyu (Lembrary & Woo Yeon Woo), Go Bo Gyeol (Kim Dal Ro), Lee Jang Woo (Shin Jo Woon), and Ye Ji Won (Im Seon Ja) and more. Despite the first script reading, the cast members on this day raised the character’s charm.

Kim Min Gyu, who plays the role of Lembrary, became an unknown idol in the current world for 5 years. He suddenly became a member of the unknown idol group ‘Wild Animal.’

Go Bo Gyeol, who plays the role of Kim Dal, manager of ‘Wild Animal’ and a big fan of Woo Yeon Woo, coped with the chaotic situation where her favourite idol has changed as if he has become a different person.

On the other hand, Lee Jang Woo, who plays the role of Shin Jo Woon, vice president of Korea’s largest comprehensive entertainment company, possessed by the world’s demon king ‘Lumena’, predicted a bold acting transformation. Ye Ji Won showed a unique presence as Lim Seon Ja, the representative of the agency of the group ‘Wild Animal’. In order to create a ‘wild animal’, Ye Ji Won, the CEO of Pyo Entertainment, is portrayed as a passionate career woman.

In particular, all the cast members who attended the script reading showed off their perfect chemistry, to the extent that it was hard to believe that it was their first acting collaboration. Along with Kim Min Gyu, members of ‘Wild Animal’ Hong Seung Beom (Choi Jeong Seo), Shin Myeong Seong (Hwang Tae In), Choi Jae Hyeon (Cathy), and Shin Kyu Hyeon (Cha Sol Jeong) have frequent frictions due to their long unknown lives. They boasted solid teamwork comparable to that of long-lived idols with perfect acting. In addition, a series of fierce battles with characters with strong personalities, such as Baek Seo Bin (Chief Jang), Park Sang Nam (Sa Gam Jae), and Lee Woo Tae (Basily), raised expectations for this broadcast.

The production team of tvN’s “Holy Idol” said, “The synergy of the cast members, such as Kim Min Gyu, Go Bo Gyeol, and Lee Jang Woo, and the combination of unique characters gave a restless laugh. The various stories, including Go Bo Gyeol’s divine romantic comedy, will provide laughter, excitement, and even a sense of tension, so please look forward to this broadcast.”

“Holy Idol” will premiere on February 15th, 2023.


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