Jin Seon Kyu And Jeon Jong Seo’s Upcoming Drama “Ransom” Invited To Busan International Film Festival

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The original TVing series “Ransom” starring Jin Seon Kyu and Jeon Jong Seo has been officially invited to the Busan International Film Festival.

“Ransom” will be unveiled as a world premiere in the “On Screen” section of the 27th Busan International Film Festival. The “On Screen” section was newly established last year as a premiere screening category by inviting popular works from the OTT drama series.

“Ransom” is a story that unfolds when a major earthquake hits a building where ransom bargaining was taking place for individual reasons. It is a series made after the short film of the same name produced in 2015 and has been reborn as a thriller series with a richer worldview and narrative.

The unprecedented production of filming each episode in a one-take technique further increased immersion, and the fierce psychological warfare and crazy struggles drawn by leading actors such as Jin Seon Kyu, Jeon Jong Seo, and Chang Ryul add to the tension.

Invited to the on-screen section, “Ransom” will be partially screened from episode 1 to episode 3. It will have a two-day meeting with the audience from Oct. 6-7.

CLIMAX Studio, SLL’s production label, has written a series of box office hits with OTT original versions such as “Hell” and “D.P.” Attention is focused on whether the Busan International Film Festival will once again be able to captivate the world with “Ransom.”

Meanwhile, ‘Ransom’ is scheduled to be released in October this year as an original TVing series.

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