Hello Venus’s Nara Talks About Being An Idol-Actress Discusses Filming Suspicious Partner

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The newcomer to the acting world Hello Venus’s Nara has made her acting debut in the popular SBS drama Suspicious Partner”. The idol-actor sat down for an interview to talk about her recent role and challenges she faced.

She talked about her nervousness, she said,

“In the beginning there were scenes when you can sense I was nervous. I felt stiffness in my shoulders, towards the end I loosened up but I still have a lot to work on.”

She continued,

“It wasn’t easy to act that well from the beginning. But I appreciate that people look favourably on me for my efforts. I still have a lot to learn and I am still lacking, I will try hard to show a better side of me in my next project.”

Nara debuted in 2012 with Hello Venus, she had always wanted to become a singer but her parent’s objected that, so she focused on her studies and entered university.

She didn’t want to give up on her dream; she joined Fantagio (an agency who is known for managing artists such as 5urprise) and debuted in Hello Venus.

About prejudice idols receive when they try to act, she openly stated,

“Prejudice? Its there. But when you’re in a girl group you’re not just dancing and singing, you’re also performing on stage. I think of acting as the same things. So I use the expression I learned while performing as an idol in my acting.”

She continued,

“I have a lot of challenges I want to take on in my life.”

She talked about how she wants to be good at everything, but becoming an actor remains the hardest part.

She talked about Hello Venus and their hiatus, she said,

“Hello Venus is a group with many inactive periods, we release an album then we spend 6-12 months inactive. I always think that I am Hello Venus’s Nara before I am Nara, I try my best to represent my group in the best way possible, when working alone I feel a lot more responsible for doing well.”

As her final closing statement she said,

“As an actor its hard to say what type of actor you want to be when you just started. At first I wanted to be a good actor, but now I also want to be a good person. I want to be a good person before becoming a good actor, so I can hear the words ‘ I am happy to work with you, you’re such a good friend’”

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