CEO Of Disney+ Apologies To Angry Viewers For Controversy Of The K-Drama “Snowdrop”

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Kim So Yeon, CEO of the Korean branch of Disney+, apologized for her passive response to the controversy over the alleged history distortion of the JTBC drama “Snowdrop,” which blew up earlier this year.

Kim So Yeon, CEO of the Korean branch of Disney+, when asked by Kim Yoon Seok, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea at a parliamentary audit of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee on the afternoon of October 5 about “How was Disney+’s response after viewers’ criticism over Snowdrop?” Kim So Yeon answered apologetically,

I fully recognize that there were misunderstandings and different opinions. Through this drama, we can realize the impact of Disney+ as a platform for viewers. We will make efforts to prepare carefully and closely.”

Member of the Democratic Party, Kim Yoon Deok said, “Please think about what values to pursue of Disney+. You’re the CEO of the company so sure you’re an office worker but at the same time are also a Korean citizen. Please make efforts to coexist with Disney+ while protecting our culture.”

The JTBC drama “Snowdrop,” which aired at the end of last year, was embroiled in controversy over alleged history distortion due to the alleged disparaging of democracy and glorifying spies with the Ministry of Security. In response, the “Snowdrop” team made two official statements of explanation, saying that the synopsis circulating online was different from the truth, but it caused a boycott movement by calling out a backlash from viewers.

Against the backdrop of Seoul in 1987, “Snowdrop” depicts the tragic love story of Suho, a prestigious university student who suddenly jumped into a dormitory of a women’s university, and Yeong Ro, a female college student who treated him during a crisis by hiding him. The drama ended on January 30. It was also streamed on Disney+.

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