Actor Go Min Si Flaunts Her New Hairstyle In A Magazine Photoshoot

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Actor Go Min Si transforms herself with bobbed hair.

The magazine Dazed released a pictorial cut and interview of Go Min Si in the January issue. This pictorial, over 12 pages, captured the urban and sophisticated appearance of Go Min Si, who appeared with short hair after a long time. In the published photos, Go Min Si looks stylish as if she is indifferent. Go Min Si’s noble appearance and sharp facial expressions exude a chic aura, drawing attention from viewers. In leather outfits, she shows off her ability to digest concepts with intense charisma, while she shows a lovely and alluring charm in tiered dresses with lots of frills.

Go Min Si, who raised interest in the pictorial by giving off an unapproachable atmosphere, told about her recent situation in an interview that followed the shoot. She said, “It’s been a while since I cut my hair short. I think the fans will be very surprised when they see it. I am personally very satisfied with my sharp appearance.”

The actor proved her solid acting ability through various works such as “Jirisan” and “If You Like It”, etc.  She said, “If I had done other things, I wouldn’t have been able to do it this long. Acting is always new because of the role, field, and staff of each work change. Since the momentary emotional change is severe, it is difficult and I think I continue to challenge it. There is no time to get tired of it.”

Despite her rather busy schedule, she said, “I think I have a wish that I don’t want to be forgotten. So I want to repay you with work constantly. I think that might be the biggest driving force”.


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