Candian Bodybuilder Greg Doucette Accuses Kim Jong Kook Of Using Steroids, He Denies And Confidently Says He’ll Get Tested

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Candian Bodybuilder Greg Doucette recent video has stirred trouble and caused a backlash from k-netizens for what he said about Kim Jong Kook.

On October 31, Canadian bodybuilder and fitness YouTuber Greg Doucette posted a video discussing Kim Jong Kook’s body, he evaluated his workouts and physique and ended with, ‘if I am asked the question, is he natural or not? I am saying he is not natural [referring to the probability that he could be using steroids].”

The situation escalated and was eventually covered by various Korean news outlets, a week later, Kim Jong Kook responded to his comments.

Through his YouTube community page, he said he will undergo all the tests that exist to prove he’s not using steroids, he also asks fans to recommend him what type of credible tests exist that he could take.

The next day, Greg Doucette posted another video addressing his response and his reaction to news outlets covering his video. Kim Jong Kook fired back with a lengthier post to his YouTube community page.

He wrote,

“Now you say there’s no way to check it, and that it is not wrong to use it? Is it legal? suddenly? This sounds crazy and funny haha.

If it’s a drug, even if it’s legal, it’s wrong for someone from my point of view. It is legal and okay for ordinary people to receive prescriptions from doctors for their own health and happiness. But if a person named Kim Jong Kook does that, it’s a big problem.

I have lived as a singer and celebrity for 27 years, and the reason I opened my channel with this humble body was that I wanted to share my athletic life based on hard work and health, in case it might even help just one person gain hope in living a healthy life after seeing me as a proof.

This is why I am operating this channel inspite of my shortcomings.”

Kim Jong Kook assures that he’ll undergo all the rests one by one to prove his hormone levels weren’t enhanced. He also counters his arguments about him saying he works out for 3 hours a day, Kim Jong Kook says he works out one hour and a half or two hours max.

He wrapped up his statement with,

“A person who has never climbed a high mountain on his own saying from the bottom of the mountain to someone who has planted a flag on the top, ‘you can’t go up there without a helicopter. That person got on a helicopter to get there. Because I also used a helicopter to get there…’ No, all my friends around me. No, that’s not illegal. I… read… in the book… No. I mean… Oh I don’t know! I am an expert!!”

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