BVLGARI CEO Explains BLACKPINK Lisa Will Not Be Attending Their Event Or Photoshoots In Paris’s Fashion Week, Fans Trend #YGLetLisadoHerWork

BVLGARI CEO’s recent Instagram post has triggered a very heated response from fans against YG Entertainment, here is what happened.

As previously reported, all of the BLACKPINK members flew to Paris to attend Paris Fashion Week, this included Lisa. However, fans have been told that Lisa will not be attending BVLGARI fashion show despite being the ambassador of the luxury brand.

The CEO of BVLGARI himself took to Instagram to explain to fans the situation and clarify that they had wanted Lisa to join them but she will not be joining due to her agency, he claims YG didn’t want her to attend due to COVID-19.

Here is what he wrote,

“Our great ambassador @lalalalisa_m is in Europe. Unfortunately due to Covid her Agency prefers her not participating to events or shows. That’s also the reason why insofar we could not shoot her together with @zendaya , @lilyaldridge and @vittoria for the @bulgari Brand Campaign 2021/22 and that we could not run a major event yet together. But YES we will do it very soon as we are great friends and are striving to really activate the collaboration at 360 degrees. I hope it answers @lalalalisa_m fans so many inquiries and questions I receive.”

In a comment, he added,

“Lisa is in Paris but unfortunately due to COVID her agency doesn’t want her to participate in the Event. Pity as we have an incredible Bvlgari event tomorrow in Milano and she won’t attend.”

For context, Lisa has previously stated she’s been vaccinated.

Due to the Instagram post, fans erupted in fury, many were fed up and trended many hashtags, the most popular being #YGLetLisadoHerWork and JUSTICE FOR LISA.

The hashtag #YGLetLisadoHerWork got more than 1 million mentions. Fans expressed their disappointment and anger towards the agency for not allowing her to attend the event despite being in Paris. She’s the only member of her group who didn’t attend the fashion show of the brand she’s an ambassador of.

Many fans are pointing out how this has been a pattern of behavior for the agency, fans claim YG is limiting her activities and preventing her from reaching her full potential as an artist.

YG has not responded to the comments of BVLGARI CEO and fans remain puzzled by the reason why Lisa flew to Paris if she wasn’t going to attend the fashion show, to begin with.

What are your thoughts on this?


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