Fans Heartbroken By SF9’s Shocking Results On “Kingdom,” SF9 Member Couldn’t Hide Their Shock

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Last night, the first official round of performances and rankings have been revealed.

The results shocked fans and the idols competing on “Kingdom” as well. One particular result left fans and no-fans utterly heartbroken for the SF9 members.

Although the rankings are based only on half the results, SF9 came in last place receiving only 444.444 points from the professional evaluation and 0 votes/points for the self-evaluation. For the self-evaluation, idols vote for whom they believe had the best performance.

The usual cheery member Insung couldn’t hide his disappointment as he saw the results on screen. He tried his best to remain hopeful but said he was very surprised. The rest of the members can be seen obviously shocked by the results as well. This became a hot topic among netizens and many felt very bad for SF9 and talked about how great their performance was.

Fans also pointed out how they felt the results were unfair as some of the groups were at a default disadvantage due to minimum stage props. This had caused controversy and Mnet had to issue a response stating it was a mistake that the budget limits weren’t communicated properly to all the competing groups.

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