Hyunwoo Leaves D-CRUNCH And Terminates His Contract With His Label Due To Health Issues


It’s been revealed that Hyunwoo has decided to leave D-CRUNCH.

On December 28, D-CRUNCH’s agency AI GRAND Korea announced in an official statement that the idol will be leaving his group and his contract was terminated with them as well.

Previously, Hyunwoo took a temporarily break to focus on recovery due to his disk injury, however, after sufficient discussions with the members, his family and his agency and following the doctor’s advice, the agency agreed to respect his decision and allow him to leave his group,

“Hyunwoo had temporarily suspended his official scheduled activities due to back pain and has been concentrating on recovering. However, according to the opinion of his doctor, it’s going to be difficult for him to carry out D-CRUNCH’s activities. Thus, after sufficient discussions with the members, his family, and his agency, the agency decided to respect his decision.”

They also announced that they had terminated his contract with them as well; they apologized to fans for delivering such unfortunate news and asked for the fans’ unchanging love and warm support to D-CRUNCH.

Hyunwoo also posted one last goodbye letter to the group’s official fan café explaining that his injury is the reason behind his departure, he thanked fans who have always been there for him, as well as the group members and the agency staff.

The 9 member hip-hop group debuted under All-S Company on August 6, 2018.

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