BoA Investigated For Violating Import Drug Regulations, SM Entertainment Responds With A Detailed Explanation And Apology

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BoA’s name has been trending after SBS “8 O’Clock News” reported of an idol ‘A’ being questioned by the prosecution on suspicions of secretly bringing in psychotropic drugs from overseas.

The original report stated that the idol had received a prescription for psychotropic drugs [sleeping pills] in Japan through an employee of their agency’s Japanese branch. That drug was brought under the employee’s name and it was found during a customs search. Both were questioned by police.

Later, SM Entertainment released a statement to confirm the report was about BoA, in their detailed statement, they explain the situation that happened and how it was a mistake due to ignorance on the employee part.

SM says the employee had no knowledge of the trade of customs clearance operations. The employee had shipped the medicine through the mail without following formal customs clearance procedures. It was done without any ill intentions and the employee didn’t want to bring them illegally.

SM then goes on to explain that BoA has recently received a physical examination and due to a decrease in growth hormone, the doctor told her she requires sufficient sleep. Despite taking the prescribed sleeping pills, she began to experience severe side effects such as dizziness and indigestion including vomiting, the situation was discussed with the employee in question who remembered another medicine she used to take during the height of her promotions in Japan and America when she entered the American market, she didn’t suffer side effects from that medicine and thus, the employee concluded they could ship the medicine from Japan to Korea after taking a receipt by proxy [which is possible due to the current situation with COVID-19].

The medicine was obtained through a local hospital and the postal office told the employee they could ship it to Korea if they include documents such as ingredients information, which they did.  

SM explained that the employee had no idea that even if the medicine was sent via prescription overseas, it could cause a problem in Korea. Thus, they had no knowledge that a government agency’s permission must be received for the handling and importation of medicine and that they need to obtain permission before importation.

SM concludes their statement by stating the employee and BoA were investigated, the employee has learned from their mistake and promised to not do this in the future,

“In the future, we plan to strengthen training for all employees to prevent this from happening again. BoA also feels sorry for the inconvenience this could’ve caused some people.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for causing concern.”

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