Why 2AM Jinwoon Cried On TV Speaking About His Girlfriend Kyung Li

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2AM Jinwoon’s sincere emotions caught the attention of netizens after a recent TV appearance.

On November 17 episode of “Video Star,” Jinwoon, Hanhae, Hoon, and Bernard Park appeared as guests. The four singers were recently discharged from the military.

During the episode, Jinwoon talked about his girlfriend on TV when one of the MCs brought her up, he talked about how he didn’t think she’d wait for him through his military service, but she ended up waiting for him and was there by his side through rough times. He was afraid it might be hard for her since she had to wait for him for two years and suggested they break up.   

He said,

“During my service, she visited me every time excluding about 2 to 3 times. To be honest, I didn’t think she’d wait for me, but she did.”

When asked to send a message to her on TV, he faced the camera but began to cry, he explained why he’s gotten so emotional while wiping his tears,

“When the news about our dating came out, I wasn’t there by her side, so she had to do things like interviews on her own and had to go through such a hard time.”

He finished his message to her with a big smile and wave, he said, “I love you.”

Jinwoon and Kyungri confirmed they were dating in November 2019, the news came out when Jinwoon was serving in the military.

You can check out the clip where he talks about her below:

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