Girls’ Generation Sunny recently opened up about her insecurities on a recent broadcast.

Girls’ Generation Sunny and BoA appeared as guests on tvN’s “On and Off.” The close friends ate dinner together and BoA asked Sunny, ‘don’t you want to sing?’ Sunny answered,

“It always felt like homework to me. I don’t know what I like or what I should do or what I am good at.

The reason is that I was always in a team, and my role in my team was like MSG. The vocal director wanted me to sing something that matches the team’s style and it was an artificial kind of voice.

When I sang in my normal voice, they didn’t like it and my self-esteem would drop. Being told that my voice sounded boring, I wondered if this was what I wanted to do and what I can do didn’t line up.”

BoA tried to cheer up Sunny and complemented her natural voice, Sunny thanked her.

In the studio, Sunny recalled that she was the only member of her group without a solo album,

“I’m the only Girls’ Generation member without a solo album.”

You can check out Sunny talking about this below:

Do you like Sunny’s voice?



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