How YG Entertainment’s 5 Year Dating Ban Affected 2NE1’s Dara Dating Life, She Opens Up

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Dara recently opened up about how she struggled with YG’s 5-year dating ban and what she had to say is making headlines.

On October 6, Dara appeared as a guest on KBS JOY’s “Love Intervention” and opened up about her love life and how she’s been in untact (non face-to-face contact) relationships even before COVID-19 due to her hectic celebrity life and non-stop schedules.

She said,

“When I was a trainee, I was scolded for being in a relationship. My manager took away my phone. Then after I debuted, there was a five-year dating ban.”

Dara then admitted she actually went by the rules and didn’t secretly date because the management had told her not to do it. While other idols might break the dating ban, Dara said she didn’t and followed the rules.

Dara then surprised the panel by revealing she’s made up her mind to actively date,

“All I need to do right now is to be more assertive. I would like to take this chance to apologize to all my previous boyfriends.”

Her comment made everyone on set laugh.

What do you think of what Dara said? Are you surprised by how long the YG dating ban turned out to be?

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