The Boyz Sunwoo Diagnosed With Neuralgia And Neuritis, Here Is What Will Happen To His Future Activities

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The Boyz Sunwoo’s upcoming activities will be limited due to his recent diagnosis.

On September 24, Cre.Ker Entertainment shared a notice with fans alerting them that Sunwoo will not be present in The Boyz schedule for that day due to neck pain; they stated that he had visited the hospital and was advised to rest.

On September 25, Cre.Ker Entertainment came back with another statement shedding more light on Sunwoo’s current health status. The Boyz Sunwoo has been diagnosed with neuralgia and neuritis in his shoulders. Regarding his upcoming activities with his group, they stated,

“We discussed Sunwoo’s future stage activities and based on the specialist’s opinion, excessive movement should be prohibited for two weeks.

Since Sunwoo himself would like to be on stage, we have decided to respect his wishes and let him continue with the group activities without causing much strain.

Sunwoo will participate in the upcoming music show promotions with minimal movement, so we ask for your understanding.

We apologize for delivering bad news, and we will do our best to help Sunwoo recover.

Thank you.”

The Boyz recently made their comeback with their new album “Chase.”

Get well soon, Sunwoo!

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