BIGBANG’s T.O.P Shares A Cute But Awkward Conversation With WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo

BIGBANG’s T.O.P delighted fans with a sweet conversation he’s had with WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo.

On September 30, T.O.P posted text messages with Kim Jin Woo along with the hashtags “2 year cycle,” “Chuseok friends,” and “WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo.” The conversation is apparently 2 years old (2018).

To those who don’t know, Chuseok is a holiday commonly known as the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving.

The messages in 2018 read as follows:

Kim Jin Woo: T.O.P hyung! You’re doing well, right? I hope you have a good Chuseok holiday, and eat lots and lots of delicious food^^

T.O.P: Who are you?

Kim Jin Woo: This is Jin Woo! haha

T.O.P: Alright haha, hope you have a joyous and flourishing Chuseok~

Kim Jin Woo: Yes, hyung! hahahaha

And on September 30, 2020, here are the messages they exchanged:

Kim Jin Woo: Seung Hyun (T.O.P’s real name) hyung! Hope you’re doing well. I hope you have a happy and fun Chuseok!^^

T.O.P: Alright haha I hope you have a very fun and great Chuseok~ Currently, Kim Jin Woo is in the military carrying out his duties. Fans found the awkward but hilarious interactions between the two YG idols cute.

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