Popular Former Girl Group Member Under Investigation For Illegally Attempting To Buy Anesthetic Drug Etomidate


Popular Former Girl Group Member ‘A’ is getting investigated for attempting to illegally purchase the anesthetic drug ‘Etomidate’.

On July 27, SBS ‘8 O’clock News’ exclusively reported that former group member ‘A’ recently attempted to purchase Etomidate without a prescription, she failed to get her hands on the drug and the police closed in on her, when questioned, she told the police that she ‘never used or purchased illegal drugs,’ and was ‘checking whether it was available for purchase,’ ‘A’ already tested negative for drug use.

The anesthetic drug in question is the same drug that solo singer Wheesung previously used, he was found unconscious at a hotel due to using it back in April of this year. The drug is used medically for anesthesia but can cause a number of negative side effects if used unsupervised. This is why purchasing or selling the drug without a prescription is illegal in South Korea. For now, only those who sell the drug face charges.

Fans wonder who ‘A’ could be, according to the report, she used to be a part of a girl group who had 5 members; she has become a successful solo artist.

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