Boy Group 1THE9 Will Disband In August


Boy Group 1THE9 has announced their plans for disbandment.

On July 27, media outlet Joy News 24 reported that 1THE9 will be disbanding on August 8. Originally, the group was supposed to disband on July 8 but due to COVID-19, their comeback was delayed, their date of disbandment was modified as well.

According to Joy News 24, the group’s management agency sent out the official document regarding the extension of their activities for an additional month. With the cooperation of the idols agencies, the group released their 3rd and last mini album “Turn Over” on July 16.

Despite the disbandment news, it was also announced that if any promotional activities for their new album come up after August 8, the group will still carry out those activities. Each member will return to their respective agency after the disbandment.

1THE9 is a temporary project group that was formed through MBC’s survival audition show “Under 19.” They debuted in April of 2019.

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