A report about Kang Ha Neul’s dating life has taken the internet by storm but it appears to be false.

On April 4, Star Daily News reported that Kang Ha Neul and Lee Tae Eun who met through the 2018 musical ‘Shinheung Military Academy’ had been dating for two years and even recently went on a trip together.

The news outlet cited a source that is reportedly close to the actor himself, however, a source from his agency denied the news but did confirm that they went on a trip together; however, Four to five other ‘Shinheung Military Academy’ co-stars were also on the trip with them, they were not alone like the article suggested.

The agency stated that they’re only close colleagues.

“Shinheung Military Academy” is an army musical Kang Ha Neul starred in back when he served in the military.

Source: (A)


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