Jeon Somi Becomes A Hot Topic For Driving A $200,000 Lamborghini, The Black Label Issues A Statement Clarifying Its Not Hers

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Singer Jeon Somi has become the center of attention after her new reality series “I am Somi” aired its first episode on March 28.

Towards the end of the video, Jeon Somi can bee seen driving a flashy yellow expensive Lamborghini Urus, the car costs a whopping 256 million won (approximately $209,670), soon various news outlets began reporting on the car in question which drew even more attention towards Somi.

In the video, Somi said, “I’ve upgraded to a yellow car!” while waving to the camera rolling the window down.

This became such a hot issue that The Black Label issued a statement clarifying that the car in question isn’t actually Somi’s, adding more information about the car will be revealed in episode 2 of her reality show.

Check out the video where the car shows up below:

What do you think of this?

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My personal thoughts

Ain’t goin lie, the marketing team is doing well. At first, I wasn’t planning on covering the story but when the agency released a statement, I just had to… I had to talk about what a clever marketing strategy this is.

They know how to draw attention to Somi and the way they released a statement is kinda hilarious, it piques people’s curiosity about why she upgraded to such an expensive car. I didn’t believe it was hers to begin with, I thought maybe its her father’s who also works in the entertainment industry.

Somi debuted with I.O.I and barely promoted for a year, she’s been on variety shows and has CF deals plus a debut (that didn’t so well on the charts), I was sure it wasn’t hers, there is no way she has enough money to spend it on such a lavish over the top car, I’d assume she’d be doing better things if she had this kind of money.

Let us just hope The Black Label plans on working just as hard for her comeback. This will draw attention to her, please take advantage of that.

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