Bodyguard Calls NCT Haechan ‘A Son Of A Bitch’ For Not Replying To His Message, Fans Furious + Trending Hashtag Demanding His Resignation


Fans are fuming after finding out about an incident in which a bodyguard cursed at NCT Haechan for the most ridiculous reasons.

The issue blew up recently after fans noticed a bodyguard who works closely with SM idols (not an SM staff but outsourced) has been using his social media account to brag about knowing SM idols and to even curse at NCT Haechan.

The bodyguard somehow has NCT Haechan’s number and has taken to his Instagram stories to express his frustration with the young idol for not replying back to a message he sent him when the message has been marked as seen.

He wasn’t pleased with the situation and didn’t like getting ignored, he captioned the photo with,

“wow, this son of a bitch read my message but never got a reply.”

The blatant use of a such a vulgar word against a young idol for not answering his messages is causing fury among fans, and rightfully so. Not only unprofessional but very rude of the bodyguard, fans are demanding that SM fires him, they also want the label to strictly protect their artists better from now on.

After much digging, fans found out he was surely not an SM staff and are wondering how on earth an out-sourced bodyguard has Haechan’s number contacting him directly instead of through the group’s manager. They also accused the bodyguard of leaking schedules onto his Instagram account.

Fans have also uncovered instances in which he leaked car plate numbers of SM idols and even bragging about knowing various SM important people such as Lee Soo Man.

After getting called out by fans from all around the globe for being rude and unprofessional, the bodyguard Instagram account has changed, he apparently deleted a lot of his posts online.

Fans are trending the hashtag #드림위더스_OUT to get SM’s attention. They’re also demanding he issues an apology to Haechan.

SM is yet to respond to fans’ requests but the issue is being covered by various Korean news outlets.

What do you think of this situation?


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