AOA Seolhyun Attacked With Hateful Comments For Enjoying Her Time In NYC Despite The Coronavirus In South Korea

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You won’t believe the reason AOA Seolhyun is getting hate!

Recently, AOA Seolhyun uploaded a beautiful series of photos and videos to her Instagram account; she’s currently in New York. She was smiling and looked happy in those photos but the post attracted attention and for all the wrong reasons despite her best intentions.

She received rude hateful and angry comments by netizens for updating about her whereabouts during such a difficult time for South Korea. South Korea is on the highest alert after cases of people infected with the coronavirus snowballed two days ago, as of this writing, the total of cases is at 977 and 11 fatalities have been caused by it so far.

Seolhyun received so many hateful comments such as,

“All of the celebrity attention whores have run away abroad, and are still updating on instagram. They don’t care about whats happening to our country right now.”

“It must be nice to be able to get away from the coronavirus and all.”

“Koreans are dying here, are you happy in New York? tsk tsk”

“You’re updating with vacation pictures during such time? do you have no thoughts in your head?”

Seolhyun fans are furious by the level of hate she’s been receiving and are calling people who are criticizing her ‘pathetic’ and ‘attention seekers,’ they’re also comparing her case to other idol boy groups who are also enjoying their time abroad but not getting nearly as much hate as her.

What do you think of this?


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