MAMAMOO Publicly Call Out Haters Who Leave Malicious Comments On Live TV, Their Powerful Message Makes Headlines

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MAMAMOO continues to set standards for future girl groups to come, and their most recent performance proves how powerful they are.

MAMAMOO were among the attendees of the 2019 KBS Gayo DaeChukJe and they performed some of their biggest tracks tonight, they made headlines for the way they opened their segment.

In the opening, the VCR stated:

“The attitude towards hate comments..

Malicious comments that cross the line…

They are more than a mere SNS-side effect…”

The powerful message addresses the hate comments that idols have to deal with was followed by Moonbyul introductory powerful rap verse, she talks about how sharp words can be and how she doesn’t need haters ‘review,’ watch the video with fans translation below:

“Words are sharper than a sword, aimed at our hearts precisely. Just pass by if it doesn’t suit your taste, I don’t need your ‘review.’”

The stage preparations were also attached to the message MAMAMOO wanted to send haters. There was a red flag with the English words ‘respect you, but stop,’ written on it. The backup dancers wore face masks covered with an ‘x’ mark.

MAMAMOO performed 4X4EVER and their hit track “Hip.”

Hate comments have been a huge issue in the Kpop industry that caused so many idols great distress, fans are praising MAMAMOO for bringing the public attention to this huge issue that was heavily discussed in 2019.

You can check out their performance below:

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What do you think of their message?

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