Fans Worried About KARA Seungyeon Well-Being After She Breaks Down In Tears At The Airport

KARA Seungyeon is worrying fans after a recent video of her was uploaded to the internet.

On the night of December 24, Seungyeon was spotted along with her staff at Gimpo airport departing for the overseas schedule in Japan. She is set to hold ‘Han Seung Yeon Christmas Party 2019 In Japan’ today.

Seungyeon was followed by paparazzi who came to snap videos and photos of her at the airport. Fans noticed that she wasn’t looking too well at the beginning of the video, she tried to force a smile but couldn’t. Ultimately, she broke down in tears at the check-in baggage area and was photographed by many people.

She cried for a bit before composing herself and carrying on. Fans are worried about her well-being, it’s been a month since Hara’s tragic passing, fans hope that Seungyeon is taking good care of herself after going through such a difficult time.

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