Park Bo Young Shocks Fans Announcing Temporary Hiatus Period Due To Past Injury


Park Bo Young will be taking a temporary hiatus to focus on her health!

On November 12, Park Bo Young held a V Live broadcast that lasted for two hours, she chatted with fans and explained why she will be halting her activities temporary for now.

Park Bo Young revealed that she had injured her arm a long time ago but hadn’t been able to treat it properly until now, she also stated that she should be wearing a cast but took it off for this broadcast. She explained that she was told to wear it for six months.

She then explained she will be taking a break to focus on her health and shocked fans by explaining her hiatus will ‘take a long time,’ she added,

“I heard that I need to take care of myself better and it is really difficult. I am also sad. Please don’t scold me too much. I’ll return with many projects once I am healthy again.”

Park Bo Young was very honest with her fans throughout the V Live broadcast, she wasn’t shy about expressing her frustration with the situation, she explained that it’s difficult to tell her fans the exact details but will try to reorganize her thoughts and greet them again soon,

“I am not sure when it will be, and it may be difficult, but I’ll overcome it and become courageous to open V Live app again and I’ll be able to meet you again.”

Fans are worried about Park Bo Young and wish her a speedy recovery; it seems that she won’t be greeting them on V Live any time soon judging by the tone of her latest V Live. Following the conclusion of her drama “Abyss” she has been keeping in contact with fans through V Live, she doesn’t have any personal social media accounts.

After the broadcast, her agency issued a brief statement explaining she recently undergone surgery to remove the scar on her arm. The agency also added that they can’t estimate the resting period because they don’t know how long it’ll take.

You can check out the full V Live broadcast here.

Wishing her a speedy recovery!


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