Why Gong Yoo Feels Like He’s Not A Good Son Towards His Parents


Gong Yoo recently shared his thoughts about being a filial son towards his mother!

On October 18, Gong Yoo participated in an interview to promote his upcoming movie “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982,” during a portion of the interview he was asked about what kind of son he is in real life, he said, ‘not good,’ after thinking hard and put his head down.

He explains,

“I think it’s a question that makes me somber.

People say that I am a filial son, but when I hear it, I feel self-conscience. There is more than meets the eye, there are some instances where what I say is interpreted in a good way and magnified in a good way since my job attracts attention.

It’s a blessing to be seen in a good way. But I feel guilty because other small things about me are also praised because of the favorable impressions of me. I speak honestly when my parents are brought up, but I feel a bit sorry about my parents seeing [such articles].”

He then confessed about how his parents wish makes his heart ache,

“Of course I’ll give my parents money that I earn and have them live a decent life, but that’s not all there is to life.

As I’m more independent, I feel like their feelings of wanting me to stay by their side grows as they get older.

Sometimes they say, ‘what would it be like if our son was a bit more ordinary,’ it hurts my heart when they say that.”

During Baeksang Arts Awards show, Gong Yoo broke down in tears and fans around the world were curious about what happened, he had talked about feeling guilty towards his mother then, he explained more about that incident,

“I said it during a previous Baeksang Arts Awards show. I think it was bitterness in my heart.

I know that my parents give me lots of understanding and support, and I think that there will be something I can repay them with, although I am not of a young age.”

Meanwhile, Gong Yoo is set to return with “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982.” The movie premieres on October 21st.

Gong Yoo also answered questions about being criticized for choosing such a project, you can read more about his answer here.

What are your thoughts on what he said?

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  1. It’s not to late my dear, you have still time to cope up those lost time, even in a simple way they will be very grateful and happy. There happiness can’t buy. So that the guilty that inside you’re heart will form a joy and happiness. Fitting my dear.


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