“The Hollywood Reporter” BTS Article Faces Immense Backlash From ARMY And SHINee Fans


BTS October cover for The Hollywood Reporter magazine has been released and responses were critical!

The group featured on the cover of the magazine and participated in an interview, however, certain portions of the interview are causing immense backlash not only from ARMY but SHINee fans and other Kpop fans.

The writer of the article is Seth Abramovitch, he goes over highlights of BTS history, background information on the grueling process of becoming an idol, and information from his interview with Big Hit Entertainment founder, Bang Si Hyuk, at Dotgogi restaurant in Seoul.

ARMY found issues with the way the writer phrases his sentences, in the beginning, he says,

“I admit to being a little fuzzy on some of the finer points of BTS history, like where they came from, why they are so appealing to so many millions or even what BTS stands for (Bulletproof Boy Scouts, but more on that later).

Over a 13-hour trans-Pacific journey, here’s what I learned. There are seven of them, all in their 20s — RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook ….”

ARMY found an issue with the fact that the writer of this article seemed to be unprepared and had little knowledge in the Kpop industry which was highlighted by his remarks which sounded rather unpleasant or poorly researched.

The article describes Kpop as part Motown, part Hunger Games, and generalizes its trainee programs as militant “training camps.” The writer also adds,

“Thousands of wannabe K-pop stars compete at regular American Idol-style cattle calls. Those lucky enough to make it to the next level spend years learning their craft inside secretive K-pop training camps, where they’re sometimes subjected to dangerous diets, strict social rules (no dating), grueling rehearsal schedules and mandated plastic surgery and skin-whitening procedures.”

They did not only piss ARMY and other Kpop fans but also infuriated SHINee fans for mentioning Jonghyun as an example of how difficult and cut-throat the industry can be,

“Only the best of the best wind up in an actual K-pop band — while some don’t survive at all. In 2017, the industry drew intense scrutiny after a member of SHINee, another popular K-pop band, took his own life, writing in his suicide note that he felt “broken on the inside.””

Many disliked the fact that Jonghyun was mentioned in this article and many called it poor taste on the writer part.

They’re also receiving heavy criticism for what fans believe to be a miss-quoted RM statement,

“We have to consider ourselves not just better [than other K-pop acts], but the best,” says RM, BTS’ 25-year-old charismatic leader. “When we’re out there on that stage, we’re there to conquer. We think we’re the ones.”

This particular quote by RM makes it sound as if he’s arrogant and cocky about BTS accomplishments, this is unlike his real character; ARMY can’t believe RM would say such a thing or phrase it that way.

Big Hit is also being criticized for the mishandling this interview and allowing it to go to the press with its current format.

ARMY have been emailing both Big Hit and The Hollywood Reporter and would appreciate the article to be changed.

What do you think of this?


  1. Hopefully this person’s title becomes “former reporter”, because it’s not reporting if it’s an inaccurate and ignorant opinion. The things he quoted were personal and he has no place using them, especially where they don’t belong, and especially by someone so out of touch and just ignorant of any of this at all. Disrespectful and arrogant.

  2. I am especially proud of BTS , the rapping, singing, dancing and the stage affects. Are amazing. They work so hard for an interview to sideline the facts and make remarks about not taking the interview too seriously. I felt insulted for them. They understand English more than they can speak it. How ignorant to assume less informed was an excuse for bad grammatical errors and tasteless comment anout someone who past away. They are gearing up for 3 concerts , and holiday songs for Jingle Ball in the States. Be respectful. They are evem when ypu say stupid things about solo ventured are to spread their wings as RM said before. So study before eriting. Had long enough on a plane flight.

  3. This article is not just a disgusting and extremely disrespectful to the entire Korean culture and K-Pop Industry that Jerk of a Reporter should have never mentioned Jonghyun name in his big fat mouth he has absolutely no idea what Jonghyun actually went through when he was suffering from depression

  4. How can a fucking, stupid and unknowledge reporter, First mentioning the name of JONGHYUN without knowing anything about him, was a very big disrespect via His death, His fans and His group. and secondly, he don’t even know BTS, or their PERFORMANCES or even more THEIR HISTORY, but he have the gut to MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE ARROGANT STARS?



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