Gong Hyo Jin has an unexpected but classy response to a hater who called her ugly.

On October 24, Gong Hyo Jin shared a photo with Kang Ha Neul, they were both standing beside a coffee truck on the set of their hit drama “When the Camellia Blooms.”

The two were holding hands sweetly, she captioned the photo,

“It looks tasty. Thank you, Yewon-ah.”

The coffee truck was sent by fellow actress Kim Ye Won who previously worked with Gong Hyo Jin in “Jealousy Incarnate.”

However, one particular netizen left this distasteful comment,

“Sweet Han Neul and ugly Hyo Jin.”

They followed with this comment,

“This is about to get interesting,” as if they’re anticipating the hate that will come. Gong Hyo Jin saw that comment and responded with a simple word, ‘sorry.’

Many fans applauded Gong Hyo Jin for the way she handled the hate comment, they also criticized that netizen for their unnecessary hateful comment.

Have you been keeping up with “When the Camellia Blooms”?