How Does X1 Feel About Making A Debut Amid The Ongoing Police Investigation Into Alleged Rigged Votes?


Despite the ongoing controversy with “Produce X 101” votes being potentially rigged, X1 finally made their debut on August 27.

They held their debut showcase on the same day and opened up to reporters who asked all kinds of questions about their debut preparations, thoughts on making it in X1 and more.

One of the expected questions was about the ongoing police investigation into “Produce X 101” votes; netizens claim the votes were rigged in the final round for the debuting members. Mnet has since then issued a response stating the final numbers weren’t real but it still reflects the actual final ranking results.

Since then, police found out a recording from one of the producers talking about rigging the votes of not one but multiple seasons.

Leader Han Seungwoo stepped up to explain his real thoughts on the situation and how X1 felt during that time. He explains that the members were too busy during their practices that there weren’t many instances where they could think of the ongoing controversy. He also adds that instead of feeling burdened by the controversy, X1 plans on giving back to fans and ‘wash away their sadness.’

He said,

“We have simply believed that we need to show the best sides of X1 for the fans who love and wait for us. Our main goal is to pay them back [for their support].”

The police are still conducting an investigation and the results are not out yet.

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