Rapper ONE Has Left YG Entertainment


YG Entertainment has lost yet another talented artist!

On July 17, during an interview held ahead of Rapper ONE upcoming film premiere, he revealed that he had left YG Entertainment.

Fans had not been aware of his departure from the label and probably wouldn’t have known if he hadn’t said so himself since the label never released any official statement.

During his interview he revealed that he left the label after “Her Private Life” wrapped up, his contract had ended. “Her Private Life” wrapped up on May 30, 2019. Thus, it’s estimated that he had left the label one month and a half ago after his contract expired.

The rapper had previously joined YG Entertainment back in September of 2015 when he appeared on the hit survival rap show “Show Me the Money 4.”

He explained why he chose to join the label and why he left,

“I wanted to focus on my music. It’s difficult to make music alone at home and I thought I could share my music with more people.

This year, I plan on focusing on my music activities. However, I am currently promoting alone since my contract with YG expired. I will be working alone for the time being focusing on music.”

He also revealed he plans on establishing a one-man agency, he couldn’t give an approximate date of when his new music would be released but he said to release music this year as quickly as possible.

He is currently promoting his movie “Goodbye Summer,” Kim Bo Ra shares the screen with him. The movie is set to premiere on July 25.

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