Roy Kim, Eddy Kim, And Choi Jong Hoon Admit To Spreading Illegally Taken Photos


On April 11, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s provincial special detective division held a press conference sharing updates on the investigation regarding singer Jung Joon Young controversial chatrooms.

They revealed that Roy Kim, Eddy Kim, and Choi Jong Hoon all admitted to spreading illegally filmed photos, Choi Jong Hoon also admitted to filming illegal footage once.

The former FTISLAND leader case will be forwarded to the prosecutors on the charges of sharing one personally taken illegal footage plus sharing illegal footage from other sources. Choi Jong Hoon violated the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Crimes.

He’s not the only idol whose case will be forwarded to the prosecution, Roy Kim and Eddy Kim cases will also be forwarded. They admitted to sharing footage that they downloaded from the internet in the group chatroom but not to filming videos or photos.

Seungri’s case is yet to be forwarded to the prosecution, he was booked on charges of sharing illegally taken footage but it’s still unknown whether he filmed any footage or not. It’s not the only charge he’s facing right now.

Police revealed they plan on forwarding his case to the prosecution when the investigations are over.

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