Yumin and P-Goon Revealed To Have Had A child And To Be Separated


Former Rania member Yumin and former ToppDogg member P-Goon relationship is on the rocks! 

The news were revealed by Yumin herself, she wrote an Instagram post explaining her current situation with P-Goon, she talked about him revealing their son photos on instagram without her knowledge or agreement.

The two idols got married back in August 2018; fans didn’t know the two had a child together which is why it came as a shock when P-Goon shared a child photo.

This is what she wrote,

“I am writing you for the first time in a long time.

On December 7 of last year, I finally held my baby in my arms. As we were married conflicts between us grew, last week we agreed to get a divorce.

However, a few days after I said that, he said he’s changed his mind and that we should live together again.

I asked him to give me time to think about it and after much consideration we talked about a conclusion.

We had promised not to reveal the news of our child until we were both ready and we were careful because there could be hurtful words said to about our child. During this, my husband whom I am separated from posted about our child on his own, and I found out through an acquaintance that he had done this.

I have a lot to say and I plan on revealing what happened. We’re currently separated and I am raising our child alone, so I hope no false news will be spread.”

P-Goon’s agency then told news outlet OSEN that their divorce or separation is a matter of privacy adding they know nothing about that.

P-Goon promoted as part of ToppDogg until September 2017, he is born in 1991. While Yumin promoted as part of Rania from 2016 to 2018.


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